Unlike many of our competitors there are no upfront costs!

We are happy to work completely on a success only basis, thus there is no financial risk to you when working with Sublime.

The only risk you take is waiting for 14 working days for our consultants to come back to you with relevant industry candidates.

Our Process

Companies are wanting somebody to take the hassle out of recruitment. An advertisement may result in many hundreds of applications. Using Sublime as a specialist recruiter/headhunter in your field we whittle down the number of applicants in the early stages of selection. This to you means saving time, money and resources. We also have that extra bit of insight about an applicant that a candidates CV doesn’t or won't tell you.

We will manage the whole process from finding the individual until the day they start.

This is the process we aim to follow. We aim to present three candidates within 14 working days of taking a brief.

Days 1 – 5 Research and identify relevant individuals to speak to regarding your vacancy.

Days 5 - 10 In depth screening and interviewing matching. This is not just what the employer is looking for but what the candidate is also looking for. We want to make sure that the position is a fit from both sides. This includes matching personality profiles – it’s not all about how good somebody looks on a CV. We also at this stage where applicable and appropriate chase references.

Days 10 - 14 We aim to provide three relevant candidates CVs with notes on why these candidates have been selected.

On interviewing our candidates we aim to obtain feedback from both clients and candidates within a 24 hour period after the meeting has taken place.
Monitor and manage both parties expectations.
Managing any potential counter offers and coaching/advice for candidates.
Keeping in regular contact with both parties right up until that start date. This is crucial when candidates have a long notice period.

Our fees are calculated on a percentage of the first years annual basic salary. We do not charge on any bonus payments, car allowances or any extra benefits given to the candidate.